Virtual Clinic for Women's Hormonal Health & Digestion in Ontario

Best women's health clinic in Ottawa?

Yay! I looks like we’ve been named one of Ottawa’s best women’s health clinics!! We excel in the area of helping women feel well because:

  • We focus on scientific investigation of the root cause of their concern
  • We listen to their whole story and value each aspect of their body as important to the proper balance of the entirety
  • We are available! Many patient see us for the first time while they await an appointment with their specialist. We are their health investigators that allow them to gather all of the relevant information, and understand it in a structured way, so that when they see their specialist they are 100% prepared and can take full advantage of the short and precious time they have with the doctor.
Need a personal health researcher (aka naturopathic doctor) to help you dig to the root of your concern? We'd love to see you 🙂
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On the fence about booking an initial appointment? We offer a free 10-minute video chat to help determine if we are a good fit and can effectively help.

Get more clarity on how we practice and how we can become your personal health investigators to get you feeling well again.