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Sarah Goulding naturopathic doctor

Dr. Sarah Goulding
Naturopathic Doctor

My medical practice is data-driven and based on an extensive initial patient investigation, followed by structured root cause intervention. I practice by teaching my patients about the mechanism of why they feel as they do. By better understanding the “why” patients are empowered to create change the course of their illness…

Dr. Elizabeth Miller Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Elizabeth Miller
Naturopathic Doctor

With my extensive knowledge of nutrition and strong foundation in scientific research I use logic-based inquiry to investigate the root cause of my patients’ health concern. I have a focus in gut health like SIBO, and women’s health issues like BV, recurrent yeast infections, cervical dysplasia, and hair loss. I also treat kids for belly aches, skin conditions, immune function…

I have a special interest in female hormonal health, with a focus on PCOS and Thyroid conditions. There is a lot of variability in how PCOS can present from person to person. In working with a PCOS diagnosis or a suspected diagnosis, I take great care in doing a thorough, comprehensive assessment to understand the nuances of your case. 

Dr. Faith is a compassionate listener. She has a degree in psychology from York University and completed her Doctorate of Naturopathy from CCNM. As her naturopathic practice has evolved, she has honed in her focus on naturopathic counselling. She has a special interest in family psychology and parenting support.

I draw from various theories such as AEDP, Emotion-focused and Satir, Internal Family System and provide you with different tools and perspectives to help you achieve your goals. I work with trauma, life transitions, grief/loss, anxiety, depression, and relational issues, to name a few.
Lauren Follett

Lauren Follett
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Lauren graduated in June 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario, and earned her Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) designation from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in December 2012. Lauren completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2018…

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