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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a doctor that actually listened?
If you’re tired of making appointments with a doctor that treats you like a number, you’re in the right place.

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Naturopath In Ontario | Our Approach

Naturopathic doctors for hormonal health, digestion and burnout

At Sequence Wellness, we understand the frustration of dealing with health problems and not getting the solutions you deserve. Our Ontario-based naturopathic doctors specialize in addressing the root causes of your health concerns, providing you with personalized, evidence-based care to help you achieve optimal health naturally.

Health Concerns That Our Naturopaths Treat

Women’s hormones, hormone testing, perimenopause, menopause, irregular periods, painful periods, heavy periods, PMS, PMDD, PCOS, Bacterial vaginosis BV, recurrent yeast infections, low libido, hormonal hair loss, hormonal weight gain, hormonal acne, thyroid issues

Gut health, digestive issues, IBS, SIBO, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, food intolerances

Transparency at Naturopathic Doctor's virtual clinic


We believe in your right to access and understand your health information. You have immediate access to your test results, upfront cost clarity, and full control of your medical journey. It’s your body, and you're in charge.

Inclusivity at Naturopathic Doctor's virtual clinic


We meet you where you are, with acceptance. Your unique circumstances, background, and personal choices are valued and respected, and we are here to support your health journey without judgment.

Empowerment for Women


When it comes to your health, you’re in charge, and we’re your advisors. Your instincts, preferences, and knowledge of your own body guide the care process, eliminating any patriarchal power imbalances.

Root Cause Discovery at Naturopathic Doctor's virtual clinic

Root Cause Discovery

We believe in addressing health concerns at their origin. In order to heal, we investigate to identify the root causes, working backwards to be able to turn from problem management to problem resolution.


Evidence-based medicine provides comfort for both the clinician and the patient. Relying on interventions we know work and are safe mean we are not wasting our patients’ time, nor risking their health.

Power to Heal at Naturopathic Doctor's virtual clinic.

Power to Heal

The human body is naturally designed to heal when obstacles are identified and removed. DIS-ease is a state of imbalance, and once the source has been uprooted, the body can heal itself.

We serve naturopathic patients all across Ontario!

Our service area includes:

Ottawa | Toronto | Hamilton | Kitchener | London | Oshawa | Windsor | St. Catharines | Barrie | Guelph | Kingston | Milton | Brantford | Thunder Bay | Sudbury | Peterborough | Belleville | Sarnia | Sault-Ste-Marie | Northbay | Cornwall | Timmins | Carleton Place

… And all small towns and rural areas in between! As we offer virtual appointments, our naturopathic patients have the flexibility to see us from the convenience of their home or office. And we rely on local laboratories (Lifelabs and Dynacare) to complete the testing required to do a complete assessment.

Your Sequence treatment plan

Your journey begins with a comprehensive 90-minute session, where we take a deep dive into your health history and concerns. By the end of this session, we provide you with a personalized overview and interpretation of your unique system. You’ll leave with an initial treatment plan, which may include dietary suggestions, supplements, and recommendations for any lab tests and nutritional calculations.

Intake appointment

Your journey begins with a comprehensive 90-minute session, where we take a deep dive into your health history and concerns. By the end of this session, we provide you with a personalized overview and interpretation of your unique system. You’ll leave with an initial treatment plan, which may include dietary suggestions, supplements, and recommendations for any lab tests and nutritional calculations.

Ongoing support

Subsequent visits are typically 30 minutes long, but we are always here to accommodate your needs. You have the freedom to schedule as few or as many as you’d like. Some of our patients find resolution after just three visits, while others choose to continue working with us to address all their health imbalances.

Annual follow-up

Our annual follow-up is designed for those in maintenance mode, needing only a repeat of lab testing to ensure they’re still on the right track. During this hour-long session, we review your case with fresh eyes and take the extra time to uncover any new insights. We’re here to help you navigate any unturned stones in your path to better health.

Meet the Team

All of our NDs have personal and/or family experience with medical issues that were not solved by our standard health care system. We have felt unheard and brushed aside, and yet still suffered with symptoms.

We have been fortunate enough to change our life trajectory, learn through naturopathic medicine how to rectify our imbalances and heal our bodies, and now we have created careers where we can help others in similar situations turn their tides as well.

We hear you, we see you, and we understand…

And we also have the know-how and access to the testing that will help us determine the root cause of your symptoms.

No Judgement       |        Cost Transparency       |      Your Health, Your Decisions

Coverage, billing, and cost transparency

You’ll always see our fees upfront, and don’t have to worry about any hidden costs associated with patient visits.

If you have a health plan, your naturopathic treatment may be covered. Where we can, we’ll direct bill to save you from the hassle of dealing with your insurance and having to pay out of pocket upfront.

Costs to you that are outside of the appointments may be foods/herbs/supplements and lab tests. We’ll help you source any suggested supplements, but also encourage you to shop around for better prices and alternative brands, and we’re always happy to vet them for quality and fit for your treatment plan.

The cost of lab testing can vary greatly, and our role as naturopathic doctors is to guide, not enforce. Not all tests will be necessary, and you’ll have the information from us that will equip you to make empowered decisions about which testing paths you’d like to pursue.


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When seeing a licensed naturopathic doctor in Canada, it’s less about choosing natural treatments versus pharmaceuticals, and it’s more about choosing private versus publicly funded care.

With an ND you’re investing in a much more thorough assessment than is normally accessible via your family physician. We have the privilege of taking 90 minutes in the first visit to chat and really address all of the nooks and crannies of your case.

We then have access to more extensive lab testing than is usually covered, and it is totally in your control as to what we decide to test. Many family doctors have the know-how and expertise to properly investigate these concerns, but are confined by the funding model, time, and resource constraints.

The primary advantage of naturopathic medicine is autonomy and patient empowerment, leading ultimately to answers and wellness!

It’s not uncommon for individuals to have both a family doctor and a naturopathic doctor, as they serve different roles. While naturopathic doctors are qualified medical doctors, treatment philosophies differ significantly.

Naturopathic doctors believe in the body’s inherent ability to heal itself when provided with gentle natural supports. Rather than prescriptions and symptom management, naturopathic treatment focuses on natural therapies, diet, lifestyle changes, and preventative measures to enhance overall wellbeing and address underlying causes of any health concerns.

At Sequence Wellness, we place a strong emphasis on scientific research and utilize evidence-based medicine to shape our treatment plans. Patients who seek us out often value our scientific approach and appreciate our ability to provide research articles supporting our treatment recommendations. We prioritize transparency, education, and the well-being of our patients.

Absolutely! We offer convenient direct billing for most insurance plans. To confirm if your provider is commonly accepted through our direct billing system, we recommend checking with them in advance. You can also reach out to us at and we’ll gladly assist you with any inquiries.

Canada Life and Manulife are most often covered. In the event that direct billing isn’t available, don’t worry — you’ll still be able to use the invoice we provide to submit your claim through your insurance portal.

Most insurance providers offer annual coverage of up to $500 annually for naturopathic visits, including lab tests. This approximately covers your first three visits with us. Reach out with any questions, we’re here to make the process as smooth as possible for you!

Sequence Wellness is a 100% virtual clinic. All appointments are securely conducted via online video chat. This approach enables us to extend our care across Ontario, making it easier for our patients to access healthcare without disrupting their daily routines.

Our diagnostic methods rely primarily on laboratory testing, such as blood, urine, stool, and breath tests, all of which can be conveniently conducted at established facilities in your local area (like Dynacare and Lifelabs), and sometimes even from the comfort of your own home!

The primary difference between a nutritionist and a naturopath is that naturopaths are more extensively trained in assessment, and in Ontario and other provinces and states legally have the ability to diagnose (a protected act). Naturopathic doctors have access to laboratory testing such as blood work, as well as stool, saliva and urine testing. Seeing a naturopath is more akin to seeing a medical doctor, rather than a diet consultant. Nutrition is an aspect of a proper naturopathic treatment plan, but naturopathic doctors also use other modalities such as botanicals, supplements, bioidentical hormones, etc.

Personalized care,
from a doctor who listens

We accept patients from all across Ontario.

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On the fence about booking an initial appointment? We offer a free 10-minute video chat to help determine if we are a good fit and can effectively help.

Get more clarity on how we practice and how we can become your personal health investigators to get you feeling well again.