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Coverage for Naturopaths

Do you have coverage for naturopaths It’s worth checking- Sequence Wellness, naturopathic doctor, holistic nutrition

Many people have extended health care insurance coverage for seeing a naturopath/naturopathic doctor but unknowingly let it expire. This is a wasted opportunity to have an objective assessment of your health whether or not you have a medical condition.

Your first visit with a naturopathic doctor is the big investment in terms of time and money. Usually the visit is over 1 hr, and the naturopath does a thorough assessment of your entire case including diet, digestion, mood, sleep, energy, past lab results etc. They will then put together an initial plan which may include a nutritional assessment and lab testing. Getting this big chunk of the investigation out of the way before the end of the year is a great way to use your insurance benefits, and set yourself up for a really great new year health plan.

virtual naturopathic visit- Sequence Wellness, naturopathic doctor, holistic nutrition


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