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How to know if you have a hormonal imbalance

TIPS FROM NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS How to Know if You Have a Hormonal Imbalance Navigating Symptoms, Tests, and Treatments for Hormonal Harmony Wondering if you have a hormonal symptoms? We are a naturopathic clinic with a focus in women’s hormonal and digestive health, and therefore we get lots of patients who book due to a “hormonal […]

Postpartum nutrition and health

Postpartum nutrition & health A lot of focus is on health in pregnancy, but not enough on the postpartum health of a new mom. After birth, a woman not only has to contend with recovering from the labour and delivery (and possibly abdominal surgery, or vaginal suturing), but she also has to manage an often […]

Best Iron Supplements

Which iron supplement works best? There are a lot of different iron supplements on the market, but which are the best iron supplements? Many are associated with digestive side effects. Usually what this means is that the dose the patient is taking is greater than what they are able to absorb, so the excess iron […]

Plant-based iron sources | Calculating levels

Reaching minimum levels of dietary iron The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for iron for premenopausal women is 18mg per day, but most women are only consuming about 12mg per day. And to complicate things, depending on how heavy your period is, and if you’re an athlete, you may require higher levels only easily achieved via […]

Tips from our Holistic Nutritionist

Forks Down | Lauren Follett In 2022, I want to focus on nourishing foods and healthy habits that we can ADD to our day vs. foods and habits we have to remove, which can lead to a very negative and restrictive mindset. Over the last two weeks, I challenged you to add a green vegetable […]

Intermittent Fasting for Gut Health

Changing WHEN you eat to heal your gut Just like everywhere else, the gastrointestinal tract has to get cleaned. The way we do this is via electromechanical activity between meals (called the Migrating Motor Complex).  Essentially, this is an automatic process controlled by the brain (and involving the vagus nerve for the upper GI) and […]

Digestion of Fats

Does your poop float? Every day I ask patients detailed questions about their poop, and mostly people have answers, except when I ask them if their stool floats. That question seems to stump most people, but it matters, and here’s why:   If we’re not fully digesting and absorbing the fat in our food it […]


Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth SIBO is a very common digestive issue that leads to bloating, constipation and/or diarrhea, and possibly contributes to systemic symptoms including acne, rosacea, joint pain, migraines, etc. Mouth-to-bum our digestive tract is all one long tube, with different specialized sections. At the top is our mouth, with hard masticating tools (our […]

Quitting Caffeine

Let’s talk about your caffeine addiction… In many of my new patient intake appointments CAFFEINE is the elephant in the room. When going through their diet, my patients will often list their morning beverage preceded by the possessive adjective “MY coffee”. Yes! We all love coffee. Because it’s delicious and alerting, and because culturally and […]

Castor Oil Abdominal Massage

The Lazy Castor Oil Pack The Castor Plant The castor plant (Ricinus communis) is a perennial that is native to Eastern Africa. Castor oil can be made from extracting the oil from the seeds of the plant. Castor oil has been used for thousands of years industrially, medicinally and pharmaceutically. In Egypt, castor oil was […]

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