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Pediatrics | Naturopathic Medicine for Kids (Infants and Children)

Pediatrics | Naturopathic Medicine for Kids

Creating a foundation in health in infancy and childhood leads to a life of resilience that cannot be recreated in later stages of development. Our doctors excel in Pediatrics Naturopathic Medicine, with a special focus in assessing and treating our most colorful, complicated and rewarding patients -kids!

Dr. Elizabeth Miller | Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Elizabeth Miller discovered a passion for pediatrics when she was a camp counsellor for children dealing with cancer. She found so much reward in helping children during this time that she completed a 1 year internship focusing on naturopathic pediatrics while studying at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (2021).

Her approach to care involves helping children develop their immune system and brains to build the foundation for a strong and happy life. Parents seeking expert guidance can consult with Dr. Elizabeth Miller, whose dedication to pediatric naturopathy ensures tailored and evidence-based solutions for their child’s health needs.

She has experience working with infants up to adolescents with focuses on eczema, chronic infections, digestive concerns, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and nutritional support. She is there to help you discover the best healing path for your child based on current evidence and natural medicine, without having to rely on “Dr. Google”.

Dr. Elizabeth Miller Naturopathic Doctor
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