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Nutrition Re-FRESH


Do you need a quick way to Re-FRESH your diet, your habits, and your mindset when it comes to eating and nutrition, and some accountability to keep you on track?

The Sequence Wellness 4-week Re-FRESH is a comprehensive nutrition program delivered by Lauren Follett (registered holistic nutritionist) that will not only educate you on healthy food choices, but teach you to love real food with weekly meal plans, grocery lists and delicious, easy to prepare recipes. You’ll learn how much to eat, when and why, how to meal plan and prep, and I’ll introduce you to what I like to call “The Ace Up Your Sleeve” foods and supplements. 

What makes this program unique is that you’ll have the option to sign up for daily, 5-minute stand up meetings where we’ll discuss your goal for the day, and how you plan to execute it. 

This daily check-in will not only keep you accountable, but allow you to take an agile approach to your health journey. On a daily basis, our energy, mood, motivation, and schedules change; these daily check-ins will help you continue to prioritize your health goals despite the ups and downs of daily life. 

Through a series of daily meetings, challenges, tips, and tricks, this program will help you make long term sustainable changes to help you reach your goals, and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Your 4-Week Re-FRESH includes: 


  1. Weekly meal plan and recipes

  2. Food Journal

  3. Clean Eating Food and Drinks Guide  to keep you on track!

  4. Portions Guide

  5. Videos and handouts to support the weekly challenges

  6. Unlimited text and email support Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

  7. An option to sign up for a daily, 5-minute stand-up zoom meeting to discuss your goals for the day, and how you plan to execute them (meetings will be split into groups of 5 people so we can keep them short and sweet! You will be provided with a few different time slots to choose from so you can pick what works for you)

  8. On-going group chat for support and accountability

  9. Recommended products and books to support your health journey
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