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How to find the right therapist

Finding a therapist that is going to be the right fit for you can require a few trials and errors. Just as we, as people, are not for everyone, you might find some therapists don’t quite meet your needs. This is normal.


Here are a few recommendations while looking for a therapist:

1. Find a few therapists that are oriented on what you would like to work on. Whether that be anxiety, developing coping strategies, depression, life transitions, trauma to name a few. You can start by browsing the web and using sites such as to find some therapists in your area that offer in-person or virtual appointments.

2. Most therapists offer free 15-20 minute phone calls to see if you both connect and believe you would work well together. Take advantage of this and contact a few! It can be helpful to connect with different therapists to narrow down what you do want and need from a therapist as well as what you do not. 

3. Ask questions! It is important to ask questions to see if the therapist will be able to meet your needs for therapy. Here are some examples of questions you can ask:

o   “How long have you been practising therapy for?”

o   “What is your experience with (insert “condition”)?”

o   “What approaches do you work with?”

o   “What does the therapy process look like?”

o   “What are your certifications and licenses?”

o   “What are your fees?”

o   “What is your ideal client?”

o   “How can I prepare for the initial session?”

4. Once you’ve booked that initial appointment and have had the first session you may want to reflect on the session and how it felt to be with them. Things you may want to ask yourself might look something like: “Do I feel comfortable with this person?” Do you get a sense this person will be able to help you achieve your therapy goals? When it comes to being a good fit, there is no straightforward answer.

5. Give them a few sessions to see how it feels to be with them. After about 3 sessions, you should get an idea if this is someone you want to continue working with and feel a sense of safety.

Finding a therapist that is right for you can be tricky. Your healing is important and finding someone who is supportive, and you are comfortable can have a significant impact on your progress and openness in therapy. Take your time with this, your journey back to yourself is important and the therapeutic alliance can make a significant difference.

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