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Patient Guide

How we take payment

Although we require a credit card on file as a back-up payment tool, you have 3 options to pay your visit invoice. 

  1. Pay with your credit card on file
  2. Pay via etransfer
  3. We may be able to direct bill your insurance

After the first visit is complete, you will be emailed a “request to pay” note from Jane App (our online medical charting, appointment booking, and billing application). Follow the link provided to pay via credit card, or you will be given the clinic’s email address to which you can send an e-transfer if you wish. If the transfer if not received within 24 hours we will charge your credit card on file.

If you’d like for us to try to direct bill your insurance, please let your practitioner know or email the admin account. Any balance remaining after direct insurance billing will be charged to the credit card on file. 

After this initial payment, we will assume that you would like to use the same payment method going forward. Please notify us if you prefer paying by etransfer or direct billing insurance so that we can put a note on your file to avoid automatically charging your credit card and having to issue a refund.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! Our practitioners work hard and do good work, so we need to make sure they get paid 🙂

Doing lab tests? Here is what you need to know.

Lab testing is an integral part of our medical practice, but unfortunately it’s not free. Just like supplements, we do not treat lab testing as an income revenue stream, so keep the test fees as low as possible to cover the fees we are charged by the laboratories collecting and processing your samples. To be as transparent as possible about costs here are the steps we take to get you the information you’re looking for about your body:
1. Decide on tests: You and your naturopathic doctor will agree on a plan for lab testing, and your ND will give you a ballpark idea of cost.
2. Print your requisition and review pricing: Our admin assistant Erica will create the requisition for you (accessible under “documents” in your Jane patient portal), and order any test kits to be shipped to your house. At this time, she will also create an invoice for the total and precise cost of the testing so that you can review it before completing your sample collection. If you do not want to proceed with the testing, no problem, just email your ND to let them know, and we will delete the invoice, and will modify the treatment plan in the next visit working around the missing lab tests. If you do decide to test, please print out the uploaded requisition (even if another requisition comes in your test kit), and complete any personal information sections that have not already been completed for you.
3. Collect your sample:
– Dynacare blood work: Go to the Dynacare locations webpage and find your nearest collection location and wait times. If the wait time is longer than it takes for you to get there, check-in before starting your commute to save on wasted waiting time. If not, arrive at the location and check-in online in the parking lot. When it’s close to your turn, enter the building and check-in with the front desk. After collection treat yourself to a fruit juice or special treat to give yourself a pat on the back.
– Lifelabs blood work: Go to the Lifelabs locations webpage and find your nearest collection location and wait times. Proceed to the location, check-in at the front desk, and wait patiently. After collection treat yourself to a fruit juice or special treat to give yourself a pat on the back. If Labs also has the option of booking an appointment, but usually available timeslots are very far in the future.
– At-home test kits: Saliva, urine, stool, breath and hair samples can usually be collected at home. You will receive a kit complete with collection instructions in the mail. Collect the sample as indicated, and include the requisition you’ve printed from Jane App in the mail-back package. The test kit will have shipping packaging and instructions included. 
4. Arrival of test results and payment: We receive the test results via our secure online lab portals with the various labs. As soon as we do, the results are uploaded to your Jane patient portal, and you are notified that they are there for your perusal, that your credit card on file will be charged, and to please book a follow-up appointment with your practitioner in order to review the results.

How to I access my past invoices?

Unfortunately Jane App doesn’t yet allow patients to independently access all of their past invoices (though we have put in a request that they add this feature). Patients have access to their appointment history, as well as to payments they have manually made themselves only. So if you need an annual statement for insurance or tax purposes please let us know, and we can easily send you the report with one click.

Where do I access my treatment plan?

To protect your privacy we do not email treatment plans. You can access your treatment plan in your Jane patient portal under “documents”. 

Other FAQs related to Jane App (our online booking/billing/charting software)

How do I login to Jane?

How do I set up my Jane account?

How do I join the appointment?

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