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Holiday Candida Cleanse

Why November is a good month to reset your bioflora

I like being realistic about treatment plans and I like to be moderate in my life. I would say that 90% of my diet is great, and that the 10% that isn’t is intentional and well enjoyed!

I have two small kids, so Christmas is a big deal for us right now. I enjoy the songs and the lights, and most of all the foods. Baking is an important part of my culture and I want to live that experience with my children. So as much as I somewhat moderate my consumption over the holidays, I definitely allow myself some seasonal indulgences that don’t occur any other time of year. 

But how to best biologically manage this increased dietary richness? Resetting and reigning in my gut bacteria before the shmorgishborg begins is my approach. I spend at least 2 weeks in November avoiding sugars, limiting carbs and using herbs to contract my bioflora bloom. And the way I see it, by altering the array of bacteria and fungal species in my body, the inevitable sugar increase will hopefully fuel the more beneficial species, rather than further imbalance the gut bioflora dynamics. 

Is it the right thing to do? No probably not. It would be best to adhere strongly to the healthiest possible diet. But that comes with social and satisfaction sacrifices. I do well to alienate and annoy hosts for the remainder of the year sure ;), but over the holidays I choose joy, and I think this is a good balance that works for me and my body.

Sarah Goulding naturopathic doctor

Dr. Sarah Goulding | Naturopathic Doctor

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