1-on-1 Service

Our naturopathic doctors give you a proper assessment of your health status.

1-on-1 Service

Holistic counselling addresses your concerns from a whole person perspective.

1-on-1 Service

Meals plans, recipes, organization strategies, mindful eating tips, goals and accountability.

1-on-1 Service

Build your wellness from the ground up.

Group Program

Learn to love real food with meal plans, delicious recipes, daily checkups and more.

Group Program

Estrogen detox, prevent estrogen overload, balance progesterone, and more.

Group Program

Learn to eliminate stressors, re-frame stressors, and manage your stress response.

Group Program

Take back control over your health and create sustainable life-long habits – nutrition, personal training, total wellness.

Fees & Payment

Naturopathic visit (initial) $250

Naturopathic visit (follow-up) $100

Psychotherapy $140

Holistic counselling $100

Holistic nutrition $100

Wellness coaching $100

ReFRESH nutrition program $150

Estrogen reboot program JUNE SALE $75 (regular price $150)

Stress resilience program $300

Women’s health promotion $500

How Do I Pay?

Naturopathic and psychotherapy appointments are usually covered by your extended health care plan, and more often your lab testing may be covered as well. 

The other services usually aren’t covered by your benefits plan, so will have to be paid out of pocket. 

The upside of paying out of pocket is that you don’t need a referral and you can get in to see the practitioner right away (especially for services like counselling where most covered practitioners have long waitlists). 

We accept email money transfer, credit cards and can do direct billing to some extended health care plans.