How to Stop Chronic Bloating

Have IBS? Reset Your Gut Health and Finally Beat the Bloat

That bloated feeling? It's the pits.

If you’ve received a diagnosis of IBS and are grappling with the persistent discomfort of chronic bloating, then this program is tailor-made for you.

We designed this group program in response to the high number of patients we’ve encountered in private practice who are dealing with chronic bloating. Our aim is to make this specialized care more accessible, both by providing care at a more affordable price, and by adopting a format that extended health care insurance will usually cover. 

Our 6-week program involves private 1:1 condensed care with a licensed naturopathic doctor and incorporates group learning in a supportive environment. Together with others facing similar struggles, you’ll embark on a journey of learning, diagnosis, and treatment for chronic bloating.

This collaborative experience provides a platform for mutual support and motivation, fostering a sense of community throughout your journey to wellness.

Program Details

The format:
  • The program is 6 weeks where we will be meeting once a week for 1 hour
  • We offer two cohorts, a lunch time session or an evening session to accommodate busy schedules. 
  • The format of the sessions involves group education led by Dr. Miller for the first half of the session, and then meeting individually with Dr. Miller for the last half. This allows for everyone to learn and motivate each other in the education portion, while still receiving personalized treatment. 
  • Each week prior to the meetings, participants will fill out a Q&A form that will be answered in the group or individual sessions.
The weekly sessions:
  • Week 1  
    • Education regarding the digestive system and causes of bloating including Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Intestinal Methane Overgrowth (IMO). We will also discuss biofilms and food intolerances as obstacles to cure chronic bloating.
    • Commence Food Marble testing and glucose/lactulose testing as a baseline
  • Week 2
    • Education regarding nutrition for bloating and SIBO
    • Go over baseline Food Marble test results and start dietary changes 
  • Week 3
    • Follow up on dietary changes over the previous week
    • Start on an individualized supplement plan including antimicrobial herbs and supplements to kill off any SIBO if present. 
  • Week 4:
    • Compliance session to check in on tolerability and troubleshooting the plan if necessary 
  • Week 5:
    • Glucose/lactulose test #2 to ensure microbial population in the intestines is responding to treatment
    • Food intolerance testing 
  • Week 6:
    • Maintenance strategy for long term management/ prevent bloating recurrence, and referrals for other conditions if required
The materials: 

We will be using an at-home breath test kit called the Food Marble to help diagnose the underlying cause of chronic bloating. The Food Marble is an innovative at-home device that is able to test for SIBO and food intolerances (the most common causes of chronic bloating). This device will be necessary to participate in the course, as each week will involve education and interpretation of Food Marble results to guide the treatment plan individually.

Elizabeth Miller naturopath

Your Doctor: Meet Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller is a Naturopathic Doctor who has a special focus on digestion and hormone health. She completed her doctor or naturopathic medicine degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s of science in Human Health and Nutrition from the University of Guelph. Her extensive knowledge of nutrition and her strong foundation in scientific research allows for a very thorough approach to your care.

Dr. Miller discovered naturopathic medicine after struggling with chronic irritable bowel syndrome for many years. She saw multiple doctors with no solution, as IBS was not well understood at the time. To take matters into her own hands, she devoted her master’s thesis to IBS research, and from here was introduced to naturopathic medicine which helped her immensely. Today Dr. Miller devotes a large part of her practice to treating digestive concerns and chronic bloating as it is very near and dear to her heart. Her goal is to blend the balance of nutrition, modern research, lab testing and traditional medicine to get to the root of her patient’s IBS and chronic bloating.

With IBS, we know you have it worse. But... we can help.

Cost transparency:
What to expect

Good news! If you have extended health insurance, the program cost will likely be covered for you — the testing equipment is prescribed by a licensed naturopathic doctor, and the sessions involve 1:1 private health care.

So, what's the word?

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Program FAQ

The first 30 minutes of the sessions will be education about the weekly topic. Then the rest of the hour will be devoted to 1-on-1 meetings, where participants will each individually meet with Dr. Miller to speak about their personalized protocols. As the 1-on-1 meetings will be brief, participants will be asked to fill out intake forms before each session to list any symptom changes they’ve experienced over the week, as well as any questions that have come up. 

No, each patient will receive an individualized plan based on their test results and symptoms. They will receive their treatment plans in the 1-on-1 meetings with Dr. Miller. 

There are 5-6 people in each group.

The majority of chronic bloating cases in IBS can be attributed to SIBO or IMO, while the rest are often linked to food intolerances. Diagnosing SIBO and IMO typically involves breath testing. Before the advent of the Food Marble device, this meant a one-time, non-repeatable test costing $250. The cumulative expense of multiple tests quickly becomes burdensome for individuals, making it challenging to monitor their progress due to financial constraints.

Before the introduction of the Food Marble device, diagnosing food intolerances required either an extensive elimination diet or costly blood testing. However, with the new Food Marble device, you can now conduct SIBO and food intolerance tests as many times as you wish, as it is an at-home device that doesn’t expire after use. This not only facilitates patient progress monitoring but also represents a more cost-effective investment for chronic bloating lab testing.

You are welcome to purchase a testing device from Food Marble directly before starting the course. We recommend that all participants have their devices ready for the first group session so that they can stay aligned with the treatment schedule. 

We offer the Food Marble for purchase through Sequence Wellness to group program participants, as most extended healthcare benefits will only cover the device cost if it is purchased through a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. We also purchase these kits in bulk, allowing our patients to benefit from a discounted rate that is significantly less than if they purchased directly from Food Marble. 

Don't let the bloat win — there's hope yet!