Virtual Clinic for Women's Hormonal Health & Digestion in Ontario

Learning together is better.

Our mission is to spread information that allows women to make informed choices about their bodies and to therefore have better health outcomes. One way that we make our knowledge more accessible to a broader audience is to package it into group learning or pre-recorded educational sessions. This allows you to learn about what you want and when you want it. We are always here to see you 1-on-1 if and when you need the next level of personalized care.

Our Group Offerings

Alternatively packaged learning modules to enable learning that best fits you.

Cost to cure Chronic Bloating

Chronic Bloating

This is a 6-week naturopathic doctor led group program that is an efficient and cost effective means of seeing an ND, covered under your insurance plan. The program uses a testing device called a Food Marble, which allows you to assess and effectively treat for SIBO and food intolerances.


Navigating PCOS

If you’ve received a diagnosis of PCOS or suspect that you may have PCOS, this course will help you navigate the ins and outs of the polycystic ovarian syndrome world. Content includes: Menstrual cycle 101, Diagnosing PCOS, Subtypes of PCOS, and Naturopathic timeline.

Hormone Reboot Program | 2-HR Naturopathic LED Webinar

Hormonal Reboot

We created this program to teach you the foundations of balancing your hormones with an emphasis on estrogen, through diet and lifestyle. We have seen time and time again how impactful diet and lifestyle can improve symptoms like PMS, heavy periods, cramps, low libido, acne, and hot flashes.

Naturopathic Treatment for Stress and Burnout

Beating Burnout

If you are on the edge of burnout or even currently on a leave from work, this program is for you. We can help. We will use lab testing to determine if there are any underlying factors that are reducing your resilience to stress (like iron deficiency, thyroid conditions, hormonal imbalances).

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Nutrition ReFRESH

The 4-week Re-FRESH is a comprehensive nutrition program delivered by Lauren Follett (registered holistic nutritionist) that will not only educate you on healthy food choices, but teach you to love real food with weekly meal plans, grocery lists and delicious, easy to prepare recipes.

Eating for your cycle ebook

Eating for your cycle

This is a free eBook if you're just looking for some nutritional tips about how to eat to support the various phases of your hormones. If your hormones are generally balanced, this is a great way to support them long-term.

Meet the Team

All of our NDs have personal and/or family experience with medical issues that were not solved by our standard health care system. We have felt unheard and brushed aside, and yet still suffered with symptoms.

We have been fortunate enough to change our life trajectory, learn through naturopathic medicine how to rectify our imbalances and heal our bodies, and now we have created careers where we can help others in similar situations turn their tides as well.

We hear you, we see you, and we understand…

And we also have the know-how and access to the testing that will help us determine the root cause of your symptoms.

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What is better, 1-on-1 or group programs?

It totally depends on you and your current needs. Some of our patients need the focused individualized care that a 1-on-1 naturopathic appointments offer. It gives them the extra time they need to tell their story and to fully be heard. Others already know where they are heading and just need the support of a naturopathic doctor to filter the information for them, so group programming may be better suited to them.

Are the group programs covered by insurance?

Usually the naturopath-led group programs (such as the chronic bloating program, or the beating burnout program) are covered under your extended health care insurance because we ensure that the standards of care and record keeping are met using vigorous intake and check-in forms, as well as short 1-on-1 breakout sessions. The learning webinars are usually. not covered by insurance. 

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On the fence about booking an initial appointment? We offer a free 10-minute video chat to help determine if we are a good fit and can effectively help.

Get more clarity on how we practice and how we can become your personal health investigators to get you feeling well again.