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Hormone Reboot Program

Have hormonal symptoms? Reboot your hormones and feel better.

PMS, bad periods, perimenopause?

If you’ve been struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalance, and want to learn more about what is going on in your body, this program is for you!

We created this program to teach you the foundations of balancing your hormones with an emphasis on estrogen, through diet and lifestyle. We have seen time and time again how impactful diet and lifestyle can improve symptoms like PMS, heavy periods, cramps, low libido, acne, and hot flashes. For many people, diet and lifestyle changes are all they need to reach hormone balance and alleviate their symptoms.

We live in a world where we are constantly exposed to hormone disrupting chemicals through our food, plastics and beauty products. This can often put many women into elevated estrogenic states if they are not detoxifying properly through their liver and gut. In addition to this, chronic stress can reduce levels of progesterone relative to estrogen, exacerbating the hormonal imbalance and pushing you into symptom territory.

Program Details

The format:
  • The program is a 2-hr webinar.
  • Module 1 | Take out the bad  
    • What needs to removed from your diet and environment to prevent further hormone disruption.
  • Module 2 | Liver, digestion + stress
    • The importance of proper GI function for hormone elimination.
    • How cortisol levels influence female hormones.
  • Module 3 | Bring in the good
    • How to properly fuel your body for perfect hormone balance.
Elizabeth Miller naturopath

Your Doctor: Meet Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller is a Naturopathic Doctor who has a special focus on digestion and hormone health. She completed her doctor or naturopathic medicine degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s of science in Human Health and Nutrition from the University of Guelph. Her extensive knowledge of nutrition and her strong foundation in scientific research allows for a very thorough approach to your care.

Dr. Miller treats irregular periods, painful periods, PMS, PMDD, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, recurrent yeast infections, low libido, pelvic/vaginal pain, unexplained weight gain or inability to lose weight, hormonal hair loss, perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

Her goal is to blend the balance of nutrition, modern research, lab testing and traditional medicine to get to the root of her patient’s hormonal imbalance.

Balance your hormones, reset your health.

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About Course

What this program involves: This 1 month program includes the up-regulation of liver enzymes to boost detoxification of excess hormones such as estrogen, which is often elevated due to our modern world. It also focuses on balancing your gut microbiome to help you detoxify your hormones properly, and prevent the build up and re-circulation of elevated hormones. We include a 1 month dietary plan to help you achieve hormone balance, as well as tips and tricks to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals. We finish off the program with a sustainable long term plan that allows you to maintain your new found hormone balance. This program is the foundation that may be all you need to alleviate your symptoms, or is a great starting point before diving into 1 on 1 care with an ND. Excess Estrogen Symptoms: PMS (especially with irritability and breast tenderness) Heavy periods Painful periods Changes in (many) moles Fibroids Acne Mood swings Low libido Weight gain Hotflashes, nightsweats Low Progesterone Symptoms: Anxiety Insomnia Loss of period (amenorrhea) Mid-cycle spotting Irregular periods
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What I will learn?

  • About your body's hormonal equilibrium
  • How to support your body's ability to keep your hormones in balance
  • How to eliminate irritants and harmful hormonal factors
  • How to fuel your body to best support your natural hormonal balance

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Take out the bad
In this module, we will teach you the dietary and lifestyle changes that are most impactful for estrogen balance. You will find three documents here, the powerpoint slides, a handout package, and a recipe book in PDF format. You will also find a video recording in a separate post on the main page that goes over everything you need to know in this module. We recommend following the recommendations in module 1 for about two weeks before moving on to module 2, so that you can start to make new healthy habits. Feel free to share any questions or new experiences you encounter here in our circle community, as we are always here to support you. We are so excited for you to start your hormone balancing journey with us! ????

  • Module 1 Handouts
  • Module 1 Video

Module 2 – Liver, digestion + stress
Here you will find the video for module 2. This video focuses on the major organ systems that are helpful in balancing estrogen in the body (the liver, gut and adrenal glands) and how we can optimize them. We advise watching this video 2 weeks after you watched the module 1 video, so that you have some time to implement the tips in module 1 first. We then recommend following the tips in module 2 for two more weeks before moving on to module 3.

Module 3 – Bring in the good
Here is the video that goes along with the slides for module 3. We recommend waiting to start this module until you have given yourself one month of implementing the changes from module 1 and 2. In this module, you will learn the sustainable tips to maintain your hormone balance that you've created from module 1 and 2.

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Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Content PDFs to refer back to in the future

Program FAQ

The program is offered by online webinar as 3 pre-recorded videos.

Yes! Dr. Miller is a licensed naturopathic doctor in Ontario and can see patients virtually 1-on-1 to offer personalized care of hormonal conditions. The appointment fees are usually covered by extended health insurance plans, and we can often direct bill.

Unsure if the webinar format is good for you?

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