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Case Report | Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Underlying Neuroinflammation Causing Anxiety

Anxiety and Panic Related to Diabetes

AC- 54 yo female

Patient initially came for extreme anxiety which appeared to have worsened spontaneously without any significant changes in life stressors. She was post-menopausal, and was not sure if it was a hormonal imbalance contributing, but overall she felt like her body was working against her and she couldn’t control her thoughts. Lorazepam and other prescription medication were not helping to control her panic attacks, which were occurring almost daily. 

Initially we decided to start on therapy right away to address her anxiety and panic attacks as they were taking over her quality of life and impairing her ability to work.

In addition to treating her anxiety symptoms, we wanted to explore if there were any underlying root causes to the unexplained spike in anxiety, so we decided to do a comprehensive panel of tests. 

At the second visit the patient mentioned that her anxiety had been the most controlled in a long time. She mentioned she had not experienced a single panic attack since starting natural treatment, and she had stopped relying on Lorazepam for panic attacks. 

In addition to this we received her lab results back. She had undiagnosed diabetes that was causing significant inflammation in her body and brain. This was likely the root of the issue as neuro-inflammation is commonly the root to unexplained anxiety and depression. 

Now that she had a treatment that was improving her mood and quality of life, she had enough emotional bandwidth to start on nutritional and supplemental therapies to manage her diabetes. We kept her medical doctor in the loop with the goal of using lifestyle management for 3 months then re-testing diabetes markers before deciding if medication was necessary. 

We are still in the early stages of diabetes management, but so far she has shown amazing dedication to changing her health long term through nutrition and lifestyle management. 

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