Do you suffer from health issues like hormonal imbalances, problematic digestion, unexplained bloating, or debilitating burnout?

Are you seeking answers for conditions such as SIBO, PCOS, or troublesome periods, PMS or perimenopausal symptoms?

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Not Your Typical Healthcare

Backgrounds in neuroscience, psychology, and nutrition make the Sequence team of Naturopathic Doctors primed to treat you — comprehensively and not at simply the surface.
We believe in evidence-based medicine and stay current with the latest scientific research.

Our Naturopathic Care is Different


We believe in your right to access and understand your health information. You have immediate access to your test results, upfront cost clarity, and full control of your medical journey. It’s your body, and you’re in charge.


We meet you where you are, with acceptance. Your unique circumstances, background, and personal choices are valued and respected, and we are here to support your health journey without judgement.


When it comes to your health, you’re in charge, and we’re your advisors. Your instincts, preferences, and knowledge of your own body guide the care process, eliminating any patriarchal power imbalances.

Root Cause Discovery

We believe in addressing health concerns at their origin. In order to heal, we investigate to identify the root causes, working backwards to be able to turn from problem management to problem resolution.


Evidence-based medicine provides comfort for both the clinician and the patient. Relying on interventions we know work and are safe mean we are not wasting our patients’ time, nor risking their health.

Power to Heal

The human body is naturally designed to heal when obstacles are identified and removed. DIS-ease is a state of imbalance, and once the source has been uprooted, the body can heal itself.

We help with costs and
offer Direct Insurance Billing

We offer direct insurance billing and work diligently to keep costs manageable. Our focus is on finding the most cost-effective solutions for your health.

Core Practitioners

If you want to finally feel better, gain clarity and answers, or need a compassionate, knowledgeable teammate, we’re here for you. Whether you’re struggling with hormones, digestion, bloating, SIBO, PCOS, burnout, perimenopause, PMS, or any other health issue, we have the expertise to help you take control of your health.

Our core team is ready to help:
Dr. Sarah Goulding, Dr. Elizabeth Miller, Dr. Midori Barker, Dr. Faith Platt

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Experience personalized, natural care.
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What is the difference between a naturopath and a doctor?

When seeing a licensed naturopathic doctor in Canada it’s less about choosing natural treatments versus pharmaceuticals, and it’s more about choosing private versus publicly funded care. With an ND you’re investing your time and money (link to fees) to do a much more thorough assessment than is normally accessible via your family physician. We have the privilege of taking 90 minutes in the first visit to chat and really address all of the nooks and crannies of your case. We then have access to more extensive lab testing than is usually covered, and it is totally in your control as to what we decide to test. Many family doctors have the know-how and expertise to properly investigate these concerns, but they are confined by the funding model and time as well as resource constraints therein. With naturopathic medicine comes autonomy and patient empowerment, and ultimately answers and wellness!

What is the difference between a naturopath and a nutritionist?

The primary difference between a nutritionist and a naturopath is that naturopaths are more extensively trained in assessment, and in Ontario and other provinces and states legally have the ability to diagnose (a protected act). Naturopathic doctors have access to laboratory testing such as blood work, as well as stool, saliva and urine testing. Seeing a naturopath is more akin to seeing a medical doctor, rather than a diet consultant. Nutrition is an aspect of a proper naturopathic treatment plan, but naturopathic doctors also use other modalities such as botanicals, supplements, bioidentical hormones, etc.

100% Virtual        |        Insurance Accepted        |        Evidence-Based Care

Experience personalized, natural care.
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